body achtergrond

the house’s story




Built in 1783, this house has been staying in the family for a few generations.

Georges Gougnot, my great grandpa and his wife Lucie lived here.

Georges Gougnot was a doctor. First he used to visit his patients with a horse carriage until the first cars were invented.

After him his son, my grandpa, inherited  the house. Pierre Gougnot, also doctor himself and his wife Eliane shared their life

between Nevers where he had his practice and  off and on in Champlemy.

They came to live their retirement here.

A place for holidays and many unforgetable family memories.

I’ve had the idea in order to keep this house to make it into a ” Bed & Breakfast ” in 1987.

The evening meal ” Table d’Hotes ” was later added to it.



I wish all my guests a very nice stay in Champlemy.